Mission & Vision

Milton Keynes College aims to be one of the best general further education colleges in the country by delivering the highest quality education to all learners. The 2013-2017 strategic plan offers a vibrant vision for the future success of the College and all our partners, reflecting the aspirations of our students, staff, employers and other key partners across the city.

Our vision is of excellence for our learners, their communities and our business partners

· By being an open and successful college that measures our success through the success of others

· By offering a life-changing and individualised student journey and experience

 · By building exemplary learning partnerships between our staff, students, parents, employers, other education providers, voluntary sector and public sector

 · By enhancing the effectiveness of our systems, processes and structures

 · By ensuring vocational skills and training are held in high esteem as a driver of our economy and    community

Our values represent the aspirations of our individual and collective behaviour. They guide our day-to-day decision-making. In order to achieve our vision, we will endeavour to put these values at the heart of everything we do.

To inspire - where everyone motivates, engages, challenges, and stretches each other

To strive for excellence - where everyone recognises their own potential and becomes the best they can be

To demonstrate integrity - where everyone is committed to being open, in all we do honest and doing the right thing

To show respect - where we listen, consider the views of others and value everyone

To innovate - where new ideas and thinking are generated around people, products and processes